sharing ship expertise 


Ensuring your ship complies with the national, international and company rules and regulations is becoming more and more difficult to implement and to manage due to more and stringent regulations. Our dedicated maritime team with a broad experience and knowledge is working together with ship owners, managers and charterers to manage their ships to comply. The management tools which are use to comply are among other things inspection, auditing and training on board the ships. Our maritime experts verify the vessels management systems and condition and assess the crew on board your vessel. We conduct on board internal ISM and ISPS audits, inspections, surveys, investigations, crew assessments and trainings. Also we assist masters and crew during shipboard visits of the authorities.



·         Prepared for Port State Control Inspections and Flag State inspection, external audits and surveys

·         Improved shipboard operations, crew and vessel's condition

·         Our team consists of highly qualified and practical maritime experts with a long carreer in shipping          (background as master, chief engineer, pilot, superintendent, maritime lecturer/trainer)

·         Short communication lines between You and our maritime experts   

·         It's our daily work to visit different types and sizes of vessels to support the office and crew on                   board to protect Owners/managers/charterers interests

·         Objective and independent visit and report for Owner/manager/charterer

·         Saving your shipping company time because visiting vessels is a time consuming

·         Worldwide service 


HSEQ & Regulatory Compliance

Shipboard Operations


Internal ISM Audits

Internal ISPS Audits


Internal Inspections

MLC Inspections

Port State Control Inspections


P&I Pre entry Condition surveys

On/Off hire Surveys

On/Off hire Condition Survey

On/Off hire ROB Survey 

Bunker Surveys (ROB)